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Central Michigan University Receives Grant to Expand Research Program

Torrey Thompson

Since 2017, Torrey Thompson has served the Atlanta office of AmeriLife and Health Services as general manager, with duties that include educating the public about retirement planning strategies. Torrey Thompson holds a master of science in administration from Central Michigan University (CMU), which received a grant to expand its summer lake research program.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded CMU $288,273 in grant funding to expand its Great Lakes Summer Research Program. Every summer, the program hosts five to seven students from around the country to participate in research at the Biological Station on Lake Michigan’s Beaver Island.
With the NSF funding, the program will become a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) site, where students will participate in 10 weeks of research under the tutelage of experienced researchers. These researchers will serve as mentors and teach students how to find biology degree programs, apply to graduate school, and secure funding for their education. With the funding, the program will provide more mentors and expand its career development programming to prepare students to envision themselves in careers as scientists.

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