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Marine Security Guard Program Requirements

Torrey Thompson

Since September 2017, Torrey Thompson has served as the general manager of Amerilife and Health Services in Atlanta, Georgia, where he recruits and trains new agents. Before taking on this role, Torrey Thompson served in the Marine Corps as a Marine Security Guard, and he still participates in the Marine Embassy Guard Association.

Marine Security Guards hold a unique position within the Marine Corps by helping to guard embassies and embassy personnel against attacks. These positions have some of the most stringent requirements of any in the Marine Corps, and prospective Marine Security Guard or Marine Embassy Guard personnel must be able to perform without distraction or exception. Those of low rank cannot be married, while higher ranking officers must ensure that dependents are in excellent health. They must also be eligible for top-secret security clearances, which means even debt can be a disqualifying condition.
Not all those admitted to the program are allowed to take positions. Approximately one in four students is eliminated during the course of the six-to-eight-week training program. Training is rigorous, with courses designed to ensure that graduates have the tenacity to perform under any conditions.

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